A Commitment to Service
Welcome to TICG!
Technology Infrastructure Consultants Group is a network of talented individuals that left the corporate world yet still need to remain employed.  These individuals are experts in their specific specialties and can provide advice without having to sell or push corporate products. Simply put, we are independent contractors with no corporate products to sell.  Our goal is to provide economical advice and service to our customers while constantly seeking creative new ways to adapt as technology evolves. We can and will work with your staff or external partners to achieve solutions. We are flexible and innovative when it comes to finding the most reasonable solutions to your IT challenges. We are a bit of old school as we recognize and value the personal level account relationships built over time which is an attribute many larger companies have lost.

*CFD photos above courtesy of TileFlow software from Innovative Research, Inc

In 2005 Technology Infrastructure Consultants Group was founded by Hewlett-Packard retired data center environment specialist Dale Myer to network talented industry consultants that have retired from the corporate world to go into private practice. The technical resources of TICG have been caring for the wide variety of needs of IT field for most of their professional lives. Our partners have been recognized as dependable and committed advisors to the IT world and are now available to you at more economical rates as private contractors.

Future Goals
TICG will grow as a networking platform for independant contractors, individual contributors and semi-retired professionals to list their professional services at more economical rates to the consumer. Plain and simple, TICG is a gathering place for those professionals that have lots to offer yet left the dog-eat-dog corporate environment.

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